How does it work

How do you register a domain?

Step 1

Choose one of our partners.

Step 2

Check if your domain name is available.

Step 3

Optionally, choose a web hosting package or e-mail package.

Step 4

Finish the registration: you own your own domain now.

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Do you already have a website? Then a domain is also interesting. For example, because you don’t have a Dutch domain name yet or because your existing domain name was a compromise and the perfect domain name is still available within Switching to a domain is not difficult, but it does require the right attention. Therefore, we have created clear step-by-step instructions. Contact us for more information!

Frequently asked questions

Who can register a domain? is available to everyone. When was launched in 2008, existing .nl domain holders and trademark owners were invited to a priority phase. Since the priority phase is over, domains are available to Dutchies and non-Dutchies alike. Just abide to our acceptable use policy.

What does a domain cost?

The price for a domain is defined by the registrars and resellers, and may vary among different providers. It might be beneficial to compare prices before you start registering your domain. Do not forget to check the price for renewal as well, to prevent surprises after the first year when your domain is up for renewal.

How can I transfer my domain name to another provider?

It is very easy to transfer a domain name to another provider. First, request from your current provider the authorisation code and ask them to remove any transfer lock from the domain. Send the authorisation code to your new provider. They will start the transfer. You might receive one or a few e-mails, and at most five days later, the domain is under management of the new provider.

Be careful: when you transfer a domain name, your web hosting and your e-mail is not automatically transferred as well! Contact your new provider for more information.

Note that a transfer cannot be started within 60 days from registration, a previous transfer or an owner change.