Good news for registrars – registrations now via CentralNic

11 January 2018

THE HAGUE, 11-01-2018 – CO.NL announces that the registration services for domain names have been transferred to CentralNic. It is a logical development following the acquisition of OpenRegistry, which handled these services, by KSregistry in early 2017. This step is good news for registrars.

In October 2017 KSregistry, part of Key-Systems, entered into an agreement with CentralNic for all registration services of the acquired OpenRegistry. One of the registrations now provided by CentralNic is CentralNic is the largest provider of such services and besides dot brand TLDs, ccTLDs also manages numerous gTLDs and SLDs. The company is listed on the stock exchange and has a 20-year track record. For the services it uses DNS servers in 40 different countries. The quality is thoroughly secured, CentralNic has been certified to ISO9001 and ISO27001 for years. The customers, including 1,500 larger registrars and governments, are spread over four continents.

Positive development

Adri de Roo, financial manager of CO.NL BV, the company behind is positive about this development: “CentralNic is a huge professional party, which manages dozens of TLDs and has managed to increase the number of registrations year after year. “The latter is important for both CO.NL and the organization, as well as for the registrars of domain names. “The demand for shows an upward trend, but it can always be better,” says De Roo. “Registrars benefit from a higher profile. We get that especially if more domain names are registered with and used on a daily basis. ”

Worldwide reach

With CentralNic as a party that manages the registration services, there is little change for existing registrars and resellers. The procedures remain largely enforced. What is changing is that the reach of is enormously increased in one fell swoop. All registrars who use the CentralNic portal have the possibility to also offer registrations. “It is literally no more than a check mark. Registrars from all over the world, from small to the caliber GoDaddy, who are proven to be very active with SLDs, can now offer registrations “, says De Roo. “Since CentralNic’s registration services we have seen the number of registrars increase by 10% and there are still new ones. Everything indicates that many new partners may also be welcomed in the coming period “. At least as important is that the awareness of registrations will increase enormously and of course the existing registrars will also reap the rewards. “That explaining will be less and less on the agenda is a very good development for the registrars. More familiarity leads to more registrations of a service with interesting margins and cross selling possibilities. ”

About .CO.NL B.V.

In 2008 CO.NL was launched by EuroDNS S.A. In 2010, EuroDNS CoDNS B.V. established for the management of its sub domain registers and related services. CO.NL was split off from EuroDNS in 2013 and became independent in CO.NL B.V.

CO.NL B.V. arranges the issuance and registration of domain names via CentralNic. In addition to managing the names, CO.NL B.V. the registration and use of domains at national and international level through a high-quality registrar package and an interesting marketing program. At the moment there are more than 90 registrars worldwide that offer registrations.