Why .co.nl

  • Registration of a .co.nl domain does not require local presence
  • Co.nl has a strong international appearance that your visitors will recognize and trust (for an overview of all international co.xx extensions, click here)
  • The domain you really wanted may still be available
The domain you really want is probably still available!

100% released

All premium domains have been released and are available for registration without extra costs!
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Premium Domains

CO.NL reserved about a 1000 generic, so called 'premium' .co.nl domain names for future use.

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The .co.nl Operator

The operation of CO.NL is managed by CO.NL B.V. CO.NL encourages the usage and the registration of .co.nl domain names on a national and an international level via interesting Registrar packages.

.co.nl & SIDN

CO.NL is registered as a .NL domain name but the CO.NL Operator does not have any affiliation with the SIDN Registry. (see FAQ) for more details)

About .co.nl B.V.

In 2008 CO.NL was created by EuroDNS and in 2010 CoDNS B.V. was founded for the specific operating of EuroDNS’ sub domain registers and related services. October 2013 CO.NL was split from EuroDNS/CoDNS and became independent with the foundation of CO.NL B.V.