.co.nl domain name

45 countries are actively promoting their .co.xx extension as the internationally accepted domain extension. And now you too are able to internationally promote your presence in the Netherlands using a .co.nl domain.

Commercial, national and international appearance with a .co.nl domain

Worldwide almost 20% of all registered country code domains have the recognizable .co.xx extension. Think of .co.uk of the United Kingdom, .co.kr of Korea and .co.nz of New Zealand: all internationally appealing domain extensions that residents unconsciously use when they are looking for information.

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Premium Domains

CO.NL reserved about a 1000 generic, so called 'premium' .co.nl domain names for future use.

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Registered domains

  • Papajohns
  • Skyscrapers
  • Autodesk Logo(480x270)
  • Philips.co.nl
  • Euroclinix
  • ManageEngine.co.nl
  • Kinguin.co.nl
  • Heineken.co.nl
  • TheColorRun.co.nl
  • nokia.co.nl
  • Microsoft
  • Informatel.co.nl
  • Volkswagen.co.nl
  • duka.co.nl
  • flibco.co.nl
  • ikk.co.nl
  • hyperbiotics.co.nl
  • Canada Goose
  • multicards.co.nl
  • Roca
  • NYDJ
  • Mirka
  • Lyoness
  • European Bartender School Logo(480x270)
  • Invite
  • Ctx Containex Logo(480x270)
  • Bradley Smoker Logo(480x270)
  • Bad N Body Logo(480x270)
  • Quali.co.nl
  • Bite Me
  • HG Arts

.co.nl & .nl

The operation of CO.NL is managed by CO.NL B.V.

CO.NL is registered as a .NL domain name but the CO.NL Operator does not have any affiliation with the SIDN Registry.
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Like with any domain name, .co.nl domains can only be registered via hosters and providers that signed up as participating CO.NL Registrars. Registrars are the organizations or individuals that are allowed access to the automated system of CO.NL in order to register domain names for their customers or themselves.
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Becoming a Registrar

The procedure to become a registrar is quite simple. On this page the procedure is described on headlines:
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